Thursday, April 30, 2009

Add face masks to the registry!

I'm seriously considering wearing a face mask on my cross country flight next week. "Swine Flu" is not the look I'm going for on my wedding day.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dog's Day at The Beach...

So, we live in a bubble. We've only been here for about three weeks, but we already realize that we'll probably never leave the South Bay area. The South Bay is comprised of three towns at the southern end of the Santa Monica Bay, Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach (where we live), and Redondo Beach. Everything you could ever want, or want to do, is right here. No need to get on a crazy six lane highway and fight your way through the notorious L.A. traffic.

While our trio of beach towns have miles of beautiful sandy landscapes, beach volleyball courts, waves for surfing, and the Strand for running, none of the beaches here are dog friendly. Breck loves to swim, and play on the beach so it's a total bummer that he's not allowed to do those things here in our town.

We did however, discover that down in Huntington Beach there is a dog beach! Not just any dog beach, but a 5 mile long dog beach, barricaded by cliffs so that no doggie friends have the option of running away. So yesturday, we burst out of our bubble and headed the 26 miles down the 405 (no traffic!) to Huntington Beach Dog Beach.

Here are some pictures of Breck absolutely LOVING his California beach experience, and first swim in the Pacific Ocean! We let him off the leash and he just took off down the beach, greeting other dogs as he went along, jumping into the waves, stealing other dog's know, the usual.

Water dog

Some new friends

And he's off!

I thought it was so funny-these dogs were digging a huge hole!

And here you'll notice Breck jumping up and stealing a toy out of some womens hand. No manners.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Our House...

Our "front" door is actually on the left side of our house. The wreath was a housewarming gift from one of our friends out here!

View looking out to the street.

I planted some flowers in the back, as well as in the front.

Pool. We'll eventually get some nice planters back there.

Can you spot the dog butt?

Table, duh.
Dave makes something, as Breck eagerly looks on.

This is what you see when you walk in the "front" door. Again, spot the dog butt.
We finally got a wall mount for our TV. We're selling our TV stand (you can see the corner of it to the left). The white table is the temporary home for our cable box.

I just LOVE this lamp!!

kitchen/dining area


This is our view from our big front window

View to our left (south)

and the view to our right (north)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Grand Canyon

Well, we made it to California! It took us about 5 days to get here, and along the way we stopped at Grand Canyon. Neither of us had ever been, and I don't think we were really prepared for what we would see! It was absolutely incredible, we took about 200 pictures!