Thursday, March 12, 2009

Never say never, I guess...

I always said, "I will never have a blog". Well, cripes, here we are! In an effort to keep family and friends updated, informed, and in the know about our crazy, adventurous, hectic lives, I thought a one stop shop of info, about us, would be just right!

So, as of right now we have only 3 weeks left of Ohio
livin'! Just yesterday Dave defended his (200+ pages!) thesis to his committee, and he is well on his way to graduation in 2 weeks! And to think, this is the same guy who purposefully avoided a class until the summer session while in college, because it required a 20 page paper! Dave will officially have a Master's Degree in Cost Analysis on March 26!

We are hitting the road to our
Hermosa Beach, CA home on April 2!

Please excuse all the exclamation points! I'm excited!

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