Monday, June 15, 2009

This and That...

Last week Dave took a quick business trip to Boston and he was able to go see the Red Sox play the Yankees at Fenway. Lucky guy! Zach was able to drive up and meet him there, and our friend Smitty and his girlfriend Amanda also joined them.

While he was away I received the news that I was accepted to Antioch University Los Angeles and will be starting grad school full time. I'm so excited! It is a two year program, with the first year focused on attaining my teaching credential (finally!), and the second (which is part time) on my masters in education. The program at Antioch offers everything that I wanted/needed and I can't wait to begin.

We've also been busy settling into our home with new furniture and wedding gifts!

Here are some pictures:

Of course Breck found the newest comfy spot at the house!

I love this little sign.

One of my wedding gifts from Dave was a bed side table, which I have needed in the last 3 places we've lived!

This is our guest room/office. We have always had a separate office room and guest room, so what you see here are two rooms put into one. And this is after a full day of organizing. Oy.

We bought this desk on craigslist for $20! We've done a lot of buying/selling on craigslist since we've been here. We also found our hammock on craigslist.

Our entry way furniture from Pottery Barn, it's our favorite thing!
We got all of our electronics organized with this shelf from Crate and Barrel.

Another wedding gift from Dave was the bar hutch on the left and the white doors to cover our washer and dryer. Yes, our washer and dryer are in our kitchen. He had done all of this while I was away in Rhode Island prior to the wedding, so when we returned to Cali I would be surprised!

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  1. Looks really great. Glad my dogs didn't see that Breck has a hammock AND a pool!