Friday, June 26, 2009

Youngest Brown graduates!

This past weekend Dave and I made our way back to the East coast to see his brother, Zach graduate from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, aka Kings Point. While the Northeast has been drowning in rain for the past month, somehow it held off for the majority of events and we were able to enjoy our time in New York.

The first event we attended was the Change of Command in which the outgoing seniors essentially hand over the leadership of the school to the upcoming seniors. While this is a nice ceremony and all, held behind the beautiful building that once was a Chrysler family summer estate, the best part comes after they announce that the change has been established and all 197 graduates, dressed in their whites, come screaming down the hill to jump into a pool. (I dig run-on sentences, ok?)

It's quite the site given that the grass is still wet from the morning dew, and the cadets are not exactly wearing the most appropriate running shoes.

Luckily, Zach wasn't one of the many kids who ate it on the hill, and was able to make it down in one piece.

Zach jumping in. That's the Kings Pointer ship in the background.

All of the cadets took a turn jumping off the diving board...

Cannon ball style

I give it a 9.5

Dave, Zach, their Dad and Uncle Daryl were lucky enough to get tickets to the US Open which was held only a few miles from their house in Bethpage. They were able to see all of the golfers up close and had a great time.

Our indoor BBQ thanks to the rain.

The graduate himself!
The next morning, bright and early (6:30 am!!) we returned to Kings Point for Zach's commisioning into the U.S. Coast Guard. Dave had the honor of swearing Zach in, and all of the Brown men were in their uniforms!

This is the old Chrysler estate. I had never been to Kings Point before and I was blown away at how pretty and quaint the campus is. Although, after four long years, I'm sure Zach has some other choice words he would use to describe his alma mater !

It's official!

Captain Brown, Ensign BrownWe are SO excited that Zach will be stationed in Alameda, CA and we already have plans to meet up to go camping together. Alameda is about a 5 hour drive from us, and sits in the heart of San Francisco Bay. We can't wait to take road trips up the coast to visit the closest family member we've had in three years! We'll take the five hour drive!
Next stop? Massachusetts for the 4th of July for a wedding.

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